Hair Loss On Legs?

Mon 21 Jun 2010

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This question has to do with my hair loss, but not loss from my head. I’ve recently noticed that the hair on the outside of my legs, just above my ankles is bald and smooth while the rest of my legs are quite hairy. I researched online, and it seems as if many other individuals suffer from body hair loss. Does anyone know what causes this phenomenon, and if a hair transplant procedure or medications (like finasteride and minoxidil) will restore the hair?

After some investigation, it appears that you’re right and this is a commonly discussed issue. However, finding answers proves a much more difficult task. From my research, it seems as if there are two schools of thought:

1. Body hair loss (such as leg hair loss) is type of genetic condition in men aged 35 years and older. Much like male pattern baldness, body hair loss is highly influenced by your genes and likely carried out by certain hormones.

2. Body hair loss is a type of traction alopecia (hair loss from pulling or tension on the hairs) from wearing tight socks or continually crossing one’s legs in a particular position.

Regardless, it appears as if most experts don’t suggest any oral/topical medications or surgical solutions for the issue, though switching to low-cut socks and refraining from continual leg-crossing may help if the ankle hair loss is caused by traction alopecia.
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