Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery to Enhance a Thin Mustache?

Sat 28 Dec 2013

I would like to have a hair transplant to thicken and define my mustache. What would the price and the time of healing be? Please provide details.

Moustache-after 7 monthsIt’s difficult to say how much your mustache transplant might cost. It depends on a number of factors including the number of grafts you require, the clinic you choose and how the grafts are harvested.

Here is an example of a mustache restoration by recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. William Parsley that required 400 follicular unit grafts:

Mustache Transplant by Dr. Parsley

I suggest consulting our interactive map to find a recommended hair restoration clinic or clinics near you. They will be able to provide you with the specific information you need.

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