Can the Scalproller Effectively Treat Hair Loss?

Tue 8 Dec 2009

Every now and again, new alleged treatments for baldness surface and are worth discussing. Recently, the scalproller was mentioned and discussed on our hair restoration forum.

The scalproller is a microneedle roller designed to traumatize the scalp on the theory that it can stimulate hair regrowth. It’s often combined with other hair loss treatments such as Rogaine (minoxidil) and/or the experimental Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure in order to enhance the effect or facilitate absorption of the treatment.

But is there any scientific data to support the theory that injury to the scalp can stop hair loss or enhance the benefits of other solutions? View this hair loss discussion thread to read more and offer your own input on the Scalproller and how it may or may not effectively treat baldness.

Bill Seemiller
Associate Publisher/Editor

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  1. DHT says:

    It seems that the only benefit a user would get in terms of hair loss comes from the “other” hair loss treatments (i.e. Rogaine or PRP) rather than any effect from the roller itself.

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