Can the Choi Implanter Pen Produce Natural Hair Transplant Results?

Thu 18 Jul 2013

This question, from a member of our Hair Loss Social Community and Discussion Forums, was answered by recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. Hakan Doganay:

Dr. Hakan, many people say that the lateral slit technique with custom blades gives a fuller hair transplant result because of the inclined angle of the graft which requires fewer grafts for a good result as it creates a greater illusion of density. How about your technique?

How can you give a full result using the Choi Implanter Pen? I heard that with it, the grafts could only be vertical which is somehow similar to sagittal slit technique. Do you have any special technique with the Choi that works as well as lateral? Thanks.

0_7509With the Choi implanter technique, we use small pens. By using these pens, the angles of the follicular unit grafts can be changed easily. Therefore, a doctor can get results similar to the results of the lateral slit technique or sagittal slit technique depending on the doctor’s experience. The most important thing in the Choi technique is the experience of the hair restoration physician.

One of the reasons why we use the Choi Implanter Technique is that implanting the grafts with appropriate angles is easy. And, this is one of the most important reasons why we are getting very natural results, even with a small number of grafts.

Please click the links below to see our follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation results. Specially, we advise you to view the 2 week pictures we posted to see the angle of the grafts.

2100 grafts-Dr. Hakan Doganay

Visit Dr. Hakan Doganay Hair Transplant Network Recommendation Profile for more examples of Dr. Doganay’s impressive patient results.

Dr. Hakan Doganay
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