Achieving Natural Eyebrow Restoration with Hair Transplantation

Tue 22 Jan 2013

EyebrowAlthough the majority of hair transplantation procedures involve extraction from the “hair loss resistant” region in the back of the scalp and implantation to thinning areas in the front of the scalp, hair transplant surgery has many other applications.

In reality, after hair is removed from the back of the scalp, it can technically be transplanted to any region of the body (where hair normally grows). Some popular implantation sites include the beard region (in individuals with thin or “patchy” facial hair), the chest region, the pubic region, and the eyebrow region.

However, more so than some other transplant procedures, eyebrow restoration is very technical, and achieving natural results requires skill, training, and an artistic eye. Recently, Coalition hair transplant surgeon Dr. Steven Gabel demonstrated the technical skill required for eyebrow restoration by sharing an eyebrow transplant case on our Hair Restoration Discussion Forums.

During the case, Dr. Gabel restored the eyebrows of a patient who’s once thick brows were now sparse and thin. Dr. Gabel was able to use 230 single hair follicular unit grafts from the universal donor region to naturally restore the patient’s eyebrows. According to Dr. Gabel, achieving natural eyebrow transplantation results requires an intricate knowledge of the natural growth of eyebrow hair, and the ability to recreate this appearance with transplanted single hair grafts. According to Dr. Gabel:

the hair direction is extremely important in eyebrows as the hairs must lay flat against the skin and in the correct orientation in specific portions of the eyebrow. The medial portion of each eyebrow is oriented up and laterally. The middle portion is oriented laterally, and the outer portion of each eyebrow is oriented laterally and inferiorly. If the hairs are not oriented properly, then the eyebrow does not look natural. 

To review this case and see how Dr. Gabel achieves natural eyebrow restoration with hair transplantation, please see the following Hair Restoration Discussion Thread: Dr. Steven Gabel – Eyebrow Restoration (6 Months Post-Op).

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