Does an Unhealthy Lifestyle Contribute to Hair Loss?

Tue 2 Oct 2007

I know that most people are pretty set in their belief that genetics is the primary cause of hair loss.   But what about other factors?   Would living a healthy lifestyle minimize the risk of hair loss?   Such things I’m referring to are: stress, smoking, nutrition, exercise, etc.

Though I think it is in everyone’s best interest to live a healthy lifestyle, geneitcs is the culprit for Androgenetic Alopecia (hereditary hair loss).

Certainly SOME of the things you mentioned can cause sudden hair loss in EXTREME conditions (such as traumatic stress) – but it’s far from typical.

If all of the above factors (stress, smoking, nutrition, exercise, etc) were solely responsible for hair loss than  everybody would be bald – male and female!   We’d have a hard time explaining why overweight smokers still have a full head of hair (though obviously some don’t).   The data is simply inconsistent.     Additionally, if these factors were the cause of hair loss, then hair transplantation wouldn’t work.   Transplanted hair therefore would not be permanent.   Furthermore, there would be no “safe zone” which refers to the sides and back of the head where hair is removed for hair transplant surgery.   Why do people following typical male pattern baldness (MPB) keep the hair in the “safe zone”?  

I suppose it is possible (though I’m speculating) however, that some of these factors  may EXPEDITE hereditary hair loss.     Keep in mind this is not the same as a CAUSE.

As an example…

It MAY be possible in a twin scenerio where both are destined to become a level 6 according to the norwood scale  based on their genes but one reaches that destination more quickly due to environmental stressors or health conditions such as those mentioned above.

However I strongly believe based on all that the evidence that even if the above list expedited hereditary loss and were controlled – that it would only temporarily postpone what genes are going to accomplish.

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