I am losing my hair and have a question.   I have been reading about the hair miniaturization process and want to know what that is and how I would be able to spot it.   Can you help?

Thank you for your inquiry.

Despite popular belief,  hair shedding does not necessarily indicate hair loss.   In fact, shedding of the hair is a normal part of the hair growth cycle.   Hair miniaturization  occurs however, when the  hair growth cycle speeds up during  hair loss.   A miniaturized hair can be any hair that is shorter and thinner looking than the rest of your hair. Typically hairs that are further along in the miniatirized process will start to lose it’s color and continue to become finer and thinner than the rest of your hair.    

It is almost nearly impossible to find miniaturized hairs on your own scalp. A dermatologist or hair restoration specialist  would be better at spotting them as they are trained to do so and use hair magnification.

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