Hair Loss From Radiation Treatment – How Can I Restore My Hair?

Sun 24 Aug 2008

I have a bald spot from radiation treatment, not from chemotherapy due to a brain tumor that has been removed.   The doctors told me before we started the radiation treatments that my hair in that area would more than likely not grow back because of the high intensity of the radiation treatments killing the hair follicles.   Any suggestions on what might help me regrow hair?   I have been wearing ball caps the last 6 years, I have every color they make.

I’m glad to hear that they were able to successfully treat and remove the brain tumor, that is the most important thing.   Congratulations for recovering from some a dreadful situation.

Considering the bald patch is a result of radiation treatment, if the follicles are truly dead, non-surgical hair loss products will do nothing to restore your hair.

Hair transplant surgery may be an option for you.   In this surgical solution, a surgeon can remove donor hair from the sides and back of your head (called the safe zone) and transplant it into tiny incisions made by the physician in the bald area.   These new follicles  will take route under your scalp and begin to grow just like your regular hair.  

Given the complexity of your situation however, be sure to speak with a qualified hair loss doctor about your previous radiation treatments so they can properly educate you of the possible benefits, limitations, and risks hair replacement surgery may bring for you.  

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