German Scientist Claims to Regrow Hair Follicles Using Stem Cells

Thu 23 Dec 2010

Earlier this week, the hair restoration community was set ablaze by news that a German scientist, Roland Lauster, working at the Berlin Technical University regrew hair follicles from stem cells. According to Lauster, the stem cells not only grew new hair follicles, but injecting these cells into the scalps of hair loss sufferers could make baldness a thing of the past for up to 80% of individuals experiencing thinning.

However, according to the article, and the individuals at the Hair Loss Q & A blog, this finding does not mean patients should throw away their current medications and book a stem cell injection appointment later in the week. As of now, the treatment has only been performed using cells and tissue from mice, and has not been applied to any sort of human model. Second, Lauster himself states that the human phase of the research will not be ready and available for at least 5 years.

So, as previously stated, this new finding is exciting and probably does take us one step closer toward a “cure for baldness,” but in the interim, hair loss sufferers should remain “cautiously optimistic” toward these future remedies and continue utilizing proven treatments (such as finasteride/Propecia and minoxidil/Rogaine) for the time being.

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