How to Determine What Causes Hair Loss

Sun 22 Jun 2008

I am suffering from diffused thinning hair.   The problem is  I don’t  have an understanding of my hair loss.    I did take a testosterone level  test and my balding is not due to DHT.   I have no family history of hair loss and nobody is bald.   When i consulted a couple of doctors, they all seem to believe that it’s nutrition deficiency and prescribed me tablets.   So far, there is no improvement and it’s been over a year.   Everything from my sugar levels, blood cell counts, and glyceride tests seem normal.   Could there be another cause?

This question was posed  by a hair loss sufferer seeking hair loss help  on our hair restoration forum  and answered by  Dr. Ricardo Mejia  of  Jupiter, FL who is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. His professional answer is below.

There are several possible causes for your hair loss  which can be isolated with a proper exam and consultation and examination of the hair follicles. In my experience, there are times you can see a combination of both factors, i.e. male pattern baldness (MPB) and telogen effluvium or diffuse shedding. This can be induced by a variety of reasons, including stress.

Dermatologists typically do hair pull tests to determine the ratio of telogen hairs. The root of the hair typically looks like a club. Most of my hair transplant patients describe a significant increase of hair in the shower or when they comb their hair. To alleviate your anxiety, it would be best to see a professional to best diagnose your problem.

I have seen a guy with a full head of hair lose 50% of it and appear very thin strictly from stress alone. Unfortunately his sister tragically died in a car accident. Stress can be a significant factor for telogen effluvium.

Dr. Ricardo Mejia

Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Hair Loss Learning Center
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