What shampoo will help me regrow my hair?

Wed 8 Nov 2006

I just started losing my hair. It’s thinning in the front along the hairline and I can see more scalp when I look at the top of my head in the mirror. I’m getting concerned because I am a pretty young guy (25 years old).

I don’t think I need surgery yet and I want to hang on to the hair that I have. I haven’t really put that much time into looking at the different medicines that are out there so I was wondering if there was just some kind of shampoo available that would enable me to keep what hair I have and possibly re-grow the hair that I have lost.

Your situation is pretty common among hair loss sufferers. When one first notices their hair loss, it is not uncommon for them to want a quick and easy solution that will negate the damage that DHT has worked on their hair. Unfortunately, that is rarely a feasible plan of action for hanging on to the hair they have left, let alone growing back the hair they once had and lost.

There is no magical shampoo available at this time that will stop your hair loss or grow hair where you once had it, no matter what the manufacturers will have you believe.

However, there are viable solutions available that will give you a great chance at maintaining the hair you have left and give you a good shot at regrowing at least some of what you lost – all without hair restoration surgery.

I agree that a hair transplant procedure is most likely not a good decision for you at this point. You should start with proven medications.

Your first step is to inhibit the DHT that is choking your hair follicles. This is done by taking a DHT-inhibiting pill such as Propecia or Avodart. These are prescription medications. There are differences between the two, however, and only Propecia is FDA-approved for the treatment of male-pattern baldness. Check out the article Propecia vs. Avodart to find out which one is right for you.

Your second step is to utilize minoxidil twice a day. It may take a little while to get used to at first, but minoxidil is a very viable growth stimulator, is available over-the-counter, is very cheap, and is the only other drug besides Propecia to be FDA-approved for the treatment of hair loss. Read about all the benefits of minoxidil here.

Third, create optimum scalp conditions for hair count maintenance and regrowth using Nizoral 2% shampoo three times per week for five minutes per application.

Finally, find yourself a thickening shampoo. These can range from expensive shampoo “systems” only available in salons or online to economical shampoo/conditioner combos found in grocery stores everywhere. I prefer Nioxin Actives shampoo and conditioner and I have stuck to them for years, but I found L’Oreal’s Vive for Men line to be almost as good and much, much cheaper.

Using the above steps diligently, you can maintain the hair you have and very possibly regrow some or much of the hair you lost. It isn’t an overnight process and will require consistency in applying the minoxidil, taking the pill, and shampooing every day but after a few months you may be surprised at the progress you have made.

Robert – Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q & A Blog

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