Does Rogaine really increase hair growth? Does it have any side affects and where can I get Rogaine?

In double blinded studies, that is where 50% of the patients used Rogaine and 50% used a fake medicine which contained no active ingredient, 15% of the men using Rogaine grew new hair versus those using the fake medicine. I do not know how many stopped their hair loss. But I assume a good many did.

There are very few side effects from using Rogaine. A few patients report oily hair, a few report dry hair and some report itching or allergy to Rogaine.

I advise you to try it. In America it is sold as Rogaine (a name brand product) and minoxidil (a generic product). I advise you to use 5% minoxidil and rub it into your scalp until it feels dry twice a day. In the USA it costs between $10 to $18 per month to use generic minoxidil.

If I can be of further help to you do not hesitate to ask.

Dr. Paul Straub

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