Answers to “Hot Topic” Hair Loss Related Questions

Wed 4 Jun 2008

If you have thinning hair, you most likely have a question as to its cause and real hair loss treatments that regrow hair. Below we feature answers to 4 of t his week’s ” hot topic” hair loss and hair restoration related questions. To ask your own hair loss related question, feel free to post it publicly on our hair restoration forum or send a private email to

Why Diagnosing Hair Loss Early is the Key to Successful Treatment: This article communicates the importance of early hair loss diagnosis and the success of popular hair loss drugs.

Which is more effective in treating hair loss: Rogaine Foam or Rogaine Liquid? Is there a difference between Rogaine foam or Rogaine liquid? Which one is better?

Is there any way to predict how far hair loss will progress? Can hair loss progression be predicted?

Will One Hair Transplant Surgery Be Enough? Read this article to see why planning long term hair restoration goals is highly important.

In addition to the above, hair loss and hair transplant related questions are answered daily on the Hair Loss Q & A Blog, the Hair Loss Learning Center News, the Hair Loss Learning Center Blog, and the Hair Transplant Network News. These online resources are always available as a research tool for your hair restoration needs.

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