Can Magnesium Oil Help Fight Hair Loss?

Sun 8 Aug 2010

This question comes from a member of our Hair Restoration Forums and Social Community:

I’m investigating natural hair loss solutions and looking for information on topical magnesium oil. How does it work? Is it effective in fighting genetic baldness?

Magnesium oil, as a hair loss solution, relies upon a generally untested balding theory. As early as the 1940s, researchers began looking at calcium and it’s role in inflammation, wounds, and hair loss. In one instance, a medical student preparing cadavers for anatomical studies noted that bald individuals also demonstrated increased levels of bone calcification in their skulls. From here, the student hypothesized that increased levels of calcium caused a calcification or hardening of the body’s soft tissues. In this instance, calcium build-up caused a hardening of the scalp and forced the hair follicles to die and shed.

Magnesium helps break down and block this calcification, meaning a topical application of magnesium oil to the scalp would (in theory) prevent tissue hardening and save the hair follicles. However, the theory of scalp calcification and its effect on hair shedding is still generally untested, and should probably not be fully accepted until appropriate research is conducted. Because of this, it’s most likely more effective to utilize proven topical hair loss solutions, such as minoxidil (Rogaine),  for the time being. However, magnesium, as a supplement, is usually recommended for the maintenance of healthy hair and could be an indication that further research is necessary.

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