HairgrowthMD Promox and Remox as Hair Loss Treatments?

I have started using a hair loss product called Remox III DMI, devised by Dr Oscar Klein ( Do you know anything about this? As a general principle, how can I evaluate the efficacy of this hair loss treatment? How can I ascertain whether it actually contains those ingredients? In briefing over their website, hairgrowthmd dot com appears to sell two main products for hair loss: Promox and Romox. HairgrowthMD states that Promox contains the only two FDA approved hair regrowth solutions. If this is true, then Promox contains finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia and minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine. However, clinical studies and the FDA approval of finasteride is based on taking 1mg of it daily and orally. Promox is a topical solution for hair loss. Furthermore, oral finasteride typically requires a prescription. In glancing over their triple blind study as listed on their website, it appears that they have combined topical minoxidil 5% with tretinoin 0.025% (also known as Retin-A) and finasteride 0.1%. 3 groups were […]